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Chen Lizhi, chairman of Nord Stock Company, and his delegation were invited to visit Hefei, Anhui Province, and held a symposium with the leaders of the Standing Committee of the Anhui Provincial Committee and Song Guoquan, Secretary of the Hefei Municipal Committee.


On November 19, five people, Chen Lizhi, Chairman of Nord Investment Co., Ltd., Wang Weigang, Sun Zhifang, Vice President Su Hezhong, and Chen Xi, General Manager of Supply Chain, were invited to visit Hefei. They also held a symposium and exchange meeting with Party and government leaders such as the Standing Committee of Anhui Provincial Committee and Song Guoquan, Secretary of Hefei Municipal Committee, in order to understand the high-tech zone of Hefei City, Anhui Province. The next development direction. The two sides have made extensive and in-depth discussions on the production, operation and future development trend of lithium-ion copper foil.

At the symposium, the relevant government leaders of Hefei introduced in detail the location advantages, investment policies and business environment of Lujiang Economic Development Zone in Hefei. On the basis of their first visit, the two sides exchanged in-depth on the development trend of new energy, the field of lithium, electricity and copper foil, public facilities and services, with a view to finding opportunities for cooperation and common development.

The picture shows Chen Lizhi (first right), chairman of Nord Co., Ltd.

Since 2015, the CPC Central Committee and the State Council have issued a number of measures to support the development of new energy industry, sounding the horn of vigorous development of new energy industry, making the domestic new energy automobile industry develop rapidly. In the field of power batteries, the innovation of basic materials promotes the design of battery industry. Nord has always followed the national call to upgrade the production of lithium-ion copper foil to the level of revitalizing national industry and supporting national strategy.

The picture shows the site investigation plot of Nord Shareholding Leadership.

Node has three major lithium power industrial parks and is committed to becoming the world’s largest lithium copper foil production base. All along, the company has been building information and modern high-tech factories with the construction concept of intelligence, science and technology, environmental protection and the standard of industry 4.0. “With the increasing demand for copper foil in the market, the company is investigating major high-tech parks throughout the country and building industry prosperity with the government,” said Chen Lizhi, chairman of Nord Stock.

The picture shows the overall land use situation of Nord Joint-stock Leadership Survey Park.

It is reported that Anhui Lujiang Economic Development Zone is a provincial-level economic development zone approved by the Provincial People’s Government and the National Development and Reform Commission in February 2006, with a planned area of 35.86 square kilometers. It is the main battlefield of industrial economy in Lujiang County and an important part of the southern sub-center of Hefei’s 1331 spatial development strategy. It was renamed Lujiang High-tech Zone in June 2017 with the approval of the Provincial People’s Government.

Next, Nord will fully understand the basic situation of Lujiang County High-tech Zone, continue to communicate and carry out further docking plan, and accelerate the transformation of effective project information to project results.