Company established

1992 to October 1999

After seven years of tackling key technical problems of electrolytic copper foil, the company has developed 18-micron galvanized copper foil products, which have won the National Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau’s “Certificate of Acceptance and Acceptance of New Products” to fill the gap in the domestic copper foil industry, break the foreign monopoly of technology and market for 30 years, and have been listed in the scientific and technological achievements of the “863” plan of the state. Transforming mass production projects.


The “18 micron copper foil industrialization demonstration project” was approved by the State Planning Commission. The total investment of the project is 104.35 million yuan, of which 10 million yuan is allocated for special investment in the central financial budget to build an annual production line of 2100 tons of high-grade copper foil.


The company has obtained the certificate of high and new technology enterprise.


Zhongke Ying Ke hi-tech Limited by Share Ltd increased its shareholding and became the absolute holder of the company.


The company has successfully developed electrolytic copper foil for 9-micron double-sided lithium-ion batteries and realized mass supply. It has become the only domestic enterprise that can produce such high-grade copper foil.


The company was allowed to set up the “Guangdong electrolytic copper foil engineering research and development center”.


The company’s “very low profile super thick electrolytic copper foil” has been identified as a high-tech product of Guangdong province.


The company’s “Very Low Profile Ultra-Thick Electrolytic Copper Foil” has won the national invention patent certificate. The patent name is: a composite process method and equipment for producing 210-400um Ultra-Thick Electrolytic Copper Foil.


The company was identified as “the key high-tech enterprise of the national Torch Plan”.


The company’s “shielding electrolytic copper foil” has won the national invention patent certificate, the patent name is: an additive for electrolytic copper foil, electrolytic copper foil production process and electrolytic copper foil.


The company has successfully developed 6 micron double-sided lithium-ion batteries for electrolytic copper foil products, to achieve a major breakthrough in ultra-thin non-carrier copper foil forming.


The company’s “Electrolytic Copper Foil Engineering Technology Research and Development Center” expansion project has been completed, further enhancing the company’s R&D strength.


The company carried out a major asset reorganization and set up a new company.-HuiZhou United Copper Foil Electronic Material Co.,Ltd,Node stock company became the sole shareholder of the company.


The company expanded the production equipment from 2100 tons per year to 5000 tons / year.


Company 6 micron double-sided optical copper foil to achieve mass production.


The company has successfully developed 6-9 micron double-sided optical 36-40kg tensile products.


The company has successfully developed 6-9 micron double-sided optical 40-45kg high tensile products.