The company regards human resources as the first resource of the enterprise, and strengthens the core competence of the market competition by continuously absorbing excellent talents and continuously improving the comprehensive quality of the staff. The company insists on putting people first and adhering to the value concept of “appointing people for their merit and giving full play to their talents”.

Ability oriented and quantitative applicable

The company provides a platform for employees to fully display their talents, and achieves performance goals through the display of their abilities, thus promoting the company’s forward development and realizing the common development of individuals and companies.

Caring about staff growth

The company assists the staff in designing the development channel of their personal career, which not only creates a working environment conducive to creating value for the staff, but also provides a large number of training and learning opportunities, broadens their horizons, taps their potential, and constantly broadens their personal growth space.

Focus on team building

The company advocates the value orientation of autonomy, rationality and cooperation, promotes the organic combination of individual autonomy consciousness and team cooperation, builds harmonious interpersonal relationships through rational communication and benign interaction, builds dynamic teams and enhances competitiveness.

Giving full play to salary incentive

According to the growth of enterprise economic benefits and market changes, the company timely adjusts the salary distribution to provide employees with a relatively competitive salary level in the market, and fully stimulates the value creation of talents with reasonable salary.