HuiZhou United Copper Foil Electronic Material Co.,Ltd


Senior Investment Manager

Working place: Nanshan district,Shenzhen
Working experience: over 3 years.
Salary range:¥ Interview
Education requirements: Master degree or above

Job Responsibilities:
1. According to the overall development strategy of the company, responsible for the screening and feasibility analysis of investment projects; organizing and implementing the investment projects in charge of the project;

2. Organize the implementation of the project’s preliminary research, due diligence, opportunity and risk assessment, structural design, mergers and acquisitions, investment and financing programs, and transaction negotiations;

3. Continue to collect market information, industry analysis, industrial policy tracking, investment strategy and investment model research for the company’s investment (or intentional investment) projects;

4. Responsible for the daily management of the investment M&A team and the daily post-investment management of the project;

5. Assist in establishing and improving the company’s investment management system and related work practices.

Job Requirements:
1. Master degree or above in university, major in economics, finance, MBA, etc.;

2. More than three years experience in investment banking, private equity funds, listed companies, etc., with the experience of M&A of listed companies;

3. Familiar with relevant laws, regulations and mergers and acquisitions, and have strong value discovery capabilities;

4. Have rich project resources and access to project resources, good at communication, and strong business negotiation skills;

5, with team spirit, good organization and coordination, strong sense of responsibility and good professional conduct;

6. Excellent decision-making ability, interpersonal skills and execution ability.

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6. Excellent decision-making, interpersonal and executive skills.

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