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Nord Group’s delegation visited Chile to achieve fruitful results


From August 1st to August 11th, at the invitation of the Chilean government and related enterprises, Wang Weigang, Chairman of Nord Group, Chen Lizhi, Director of Noord Shares, and Li Pengcheng, Secretary of the Board of Noord Shares, visited Chile. During the visit, the delegation successively met with the Chinese Commercial Counsellor in Chile, the National Economic Development Agency of Chile (CORFO), the Chilean National Ministry of Mines, the National Nuclear Energy Commission and other government departments, Chile National Copper Corporation (CODELCO), Chile Molybdenum Company ( MOLYMET), Chilean Shinco Lithium Industry (SIMCO) and other internationally renowned companies, as well as the head of the Chilean Chinese Bank and the head of the Chilean Chinese Business Association, conducted extensive and in-depth exchanges.

During the visit, the delegation gave a special introduction to the government and related companies on the technology and raw material requirements of lithium battery copper foil and the company’s product categories and specific application areas. And related researches on lithium battery material technology development, lithium resources comprehensive development and utilization and value-added have been discussed. The company has reached a cooperation intention with relevant enterprises on the procurement and trade of copper products. At the same time, it has reached consensus on the comprehensive development of lithium resources and the application of lithium battery materials technology, and has determined the strategic cooperation intention.

During the visit, Nord’s “Global Lithium Copper Foil Leader” industry leader and high-precision copper foil products were highly praised by the Chilean government and internationally renowned companies. The local financial media reported on the visit of Noord shares to Chile. The fruitful results of the visits are of great significance for the company to explore the extension of the industrial chain and establish a stable upstream raw material procurement and trade supply chain. It is of great significance for the company to look to the world, promote the company’s industrial upgrading, enhance its comprehensive competitiveness, and enhance its international influence.

Talks with the Chilean Minister of Mines

Visit the Chilean Nuclear Energy Commission

Return visit to the Chilean National Copper Company

Visit to Chile Molybdenum Company

Visiting Xinke Lithium Company

Visit the Salt Lake of Salt Lake in the Atacama Salt Lake (ATACAMA)

Signed a purchase and trade intention agreement with MIRADOR

Visiting Bank of China Chile Branch

China and Chile are traditionally friendly. Chile is the first South American country to establish diplomatic relations with China. It is one of the most stable and prosperous countries in South America and one of the world’s major exporters of agricultural products and minerals. It is understood that since the signing of the China-Chile Free Trade Agreement in 2005, China has been Chile’s largest trading partner. Currently, 98% of Chinese products enjoy zero-tariff treatment in Chile. The Chilean government has been subsidizing foreign-invested companies investing in high-tech in Chile. In addition, Chile is taking advantage of its proximity to the United States to build an investment service platform for China in Latin America and around the world, providing timely and efficient services to overseas customers of Chinese companies.