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Nord Chairman Chen Lizhi was invited to attend APEC Starting New Energy Annual Conference and the 4th Starting Golden Ding Award Presentation Ceremony


On December 6, 2018, APEC Annual Conference on Starting Point New Energy and the 4th Starting Point Golden Ding Award Award Ceremony, co-sponsored by Starting Point Research, Starting Point Lithium and Television University Data, Starting Point Electric Network and China New Energy Entrepreneur Club (SNEC), was held in Shenzhen. Chen Lizhi, Chairman of China New Energy Entrepreneur Club and Chairman of Nord Stock, was invited to attend the event and delivered at the opening ceremony. Words.

The following is a live record:

Good morning, distinguished guests and friends. It is a great pleasure to gather with friends to discuss the development of China’s new energy lithium power industry and to witness the annual starting point of the Golden Ding Award Award presentation. On behalf of Nord Co., Ltd., I would like to extend warm congratulations to the successful holding of the conference and the award-winning enterprises of the year. I would like to extend my sincere welcome to all the guests and entrepreneurs present at the conference.

Energy is the important support of modern economy and the driving force of economic development. Energy strategy is an important component of national strategic development. The choice of energy mode is also the innovation of energy strategy. Energy is indispensable for the existence and development of human society. In particular, Asian developing countries, including China and India, are facing the demand for new energy from the global economy and population growth. Developing renewable new energy is the only way out for human sustainable development. The development and application of new energy has once again become the focus of global attention. Especially with the global energy subsidies and international fuel issues, actively promoting the energy revolution and accelerating the development of energy industry has become a major strategic choice for various countries and regions to cultivate new economic growth points.

New energy industry has the advantages of high cleanliness, large potential market and strong driving capacity. New energy industry is a strategic industry related to energy security, economic security, ecological security and so on. It is also a new industry with great market potential, good economic benefits and high growth. The development of energy industry will involve many industrial sectors, and will greatly change the traditional mode of production and life. Once technological breakthroughs are made, the new energy industry may create a new round of economic prosperity.

With the outbreak of the global financial crisis, countries around the world have high expectations for new energy with broad prospects for development. The major economies such as the United States, the European Union, South Korea, India and Brazil have placed energy in an important position in their national development plans in the hope of promoting energy development and stimulating the economy. In this context, the process of the fourth energy revolution will probably be further accelerated, and the new energy industry is expected to become an important engine leading the global economy into the next economic growth center. Historical experience shows that every global economic crisis will lead to new industrial changes. In the current global energy transformation, the new energy industry is a strategic pillar that can simultaneously solve the financial crisis and climate crisis.

As a participant in the new energy lithium power industry, Nord has the honor to become a witness and practitioner of the vigorous development of the new energy industry in China. The past two years are the key years for Nord to expand its capacity rapidly and enhance its product quality. In order to meet the needs of core customers, the company plans to accelerate capacity expansion in the next three years to achieve annual capacity of more than 100,000 tons, which marks the development of our company to a new level. Some time ago, CCTV broadcasted the heavy artifacts of the big country, Nord copper foil also brilliantly presented.

This year, the new energy automobile and lithium power industry fluctuated greatly under the influence of economic and industrial policies. I believe that the rational regression after the explosive growth of the new energy industry in the past two years is taking shape. The endogenous driving force for the sustainable development of the new energy automobile and lithium power industry is taking shape, especially the promotion of the state. Although the state has made adjustments to the new energy subsidy policy, there is no doubt that the new energy automobile and lithium power China’s determination to develop new energy industry has never changed.

Under the guidance of the medium and long-term development of China’s automobile industry in 2025, China’s new energy automobile industry strategy is becoming more and more perfect, and efforts are being made to cultivate the environment of the new energy automobile industry. Since this year, under the background of shrinking sales of traditional fuel vehicles, electric vehicles have been growing steadily, and the better performance-price ratio of new energy vehicles has been favored by consumers. When opportunities come, there will be no opportunities without seizing them. Before the future comes, there will be no future without seeing the future. New energy automobile industry and lithium power industry are already in the process of structural adjustment. Opportunities are promising and the future is promising. Nord will always work hand in hand with colleagues in the industry to work together for the development of China’s new energy industry.

Finally, I wish you all a smooth and prosperous work. On behalf of Nord, I would like to extend warm congratulations to the successful holding of the conference and the enterprises that won the Golden Ding Award. Thank you!