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The 2018 China New Energy Entrepreneur Summit ended successfully! Nord’s shares participate in the whole process


The new energy industry is booming, and Yus is proud! On September 4-5, the 2018 China New Energy Entrepreneur Summit was successfully held in Xining, Qinghai. The site attracted 200+ new energy lithium battery industry entrepreneurs, more than 30 financial, securities, investment consulting agency representatives and more than 30 media. mechanism. The opening of the summit was presided over by Xu Guocheng, member of the Standing Committee of Xining Municipal Committee and executive deputy director of the Administrative Committee of Xining (National) Economic and Technological Development Zone. Zhang Xiaorong, deputy secretary of Xining Municipal Committee and Mayor of Xining, gave a speech at the opening ceremony, and Xining (National) Economic and Technological Development Zone Huang Guojun, deputy director of the committee and director of the Nanchuan Industrial Park Management Committee, introduced the detailed layout, industrial ecological advantages and comprehensive investment environment of the new energy industry represented by the lithium battery industry in Xining City and Qinghai Province. Mr. Chen Lizhi, Chairman of the Board of Directors of NORD Holding Group and Director of NORD, spoke on behalf of the co-organizer.

The two-day summit forum is based on the theme of “Meeting Xiadu Xining and Creating Green Lithium”. It consists of three main sections: keynote speech, roundtable forum, and visit to the company. Ningde era, BYD, Nord, shares, Xingyuan material, Xinzhoubang, Jiewei Power, FAW Bus, Geely Automobile, Huazhong Technology, Yuyou Power, Jiyang Intelligent and other industry leaders and starting point research, National Passenger Car Federation The industry’s big coffee is focusing on the development of new energy lithium battery industry, new energy vehicles, power batteries and battery materials, equipment and intelligent manufacturing. The overall situation, development status, opportunities and challenges of the new energy industry have been extensively discussed and analyzed.

On the morning of September 4, well-known lithium-ion enterprises such as NORD, jointly launched the China New Energy Enterprise Club (SNEC), the deputy secretary of the Xining Municipal Committee, the mayor Zhang Xiaorong, the chairman of the China New Energy Enterprise Club, and the Nord Holding Group. Chen Lizhi, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Huang Shilin, Vice Chairman of Ningde Times New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., General Manager of the starting point, and Li Zhenqiang, Secretary General of the Chinese New Energy Enterprise Club, jointly launched the opening of the Chinese New Energy Enterprise Club. The first batch of SNEC members totaled 151 members, all of whom are responsible for the national new energy industry chain. The club will uphold the elite of the gathering, build a prosperous industry, and strengthen and expand China’s new energy industry.

On September 5, the 2018 China New Energy Entrepreneur Summit ended successfully. Li Pengcheng, Secretary of the Board of Noord Investment Co., Ltd. presided over the conference and the “New Energy Intelligent Manufacturing” Roundtable Forum. Mr. Li introduced in the presiding, the first day of the summit was a gathering of guests. The theme of the speech is clear, the high-end forum is full of enthusiasm, and the round-table dialogue is full of dry goods. The industry leaders have extensively focused on the focus, hotspots and pain points of the industry in the speech sharing, focusing on the development opportunities and challenges of the new energy automobile industry and new policies. Xiaxin Energy’s market analysis of power batteries, in-depth discussion of new energy and its development opportunities, challenges, and technology market hotspots. At the end of the forum, the guests exchanged information on the investment and financing situation of the new energy lithium battery industry without subsidies, and the listeners benefited a lot.

On the afternoon of the 5th, nearly 100 members of the Chinese New Energy Enterprise Club were invited by the organizers to visit the Qinghai Lithium Industry Exhibition Hall in Nanchuan Industrial Park, as well as the three benchmark companies of Nord Group, BYD and Ningde Times.

More than 100 entrepreneurs attending the China New Energy Entrepreneur Summit visited the Xining Lithium Power Benchmarking Company. The first stop came to Qinghai Nord New Material Co., Ltd.

At the scene, Chen Yuzhen, Executive Vice President of NORD, and Chen Sicheng, Vice President of NORD, led the guests to visit the Qinghai Noor Phase I plant, central control room, R&D center, physical room and laboratory to further explore Qinghai Noord Copper. Foil features advantages, value essence and product details. The two leaders enthusiastically introduced the specific contents of the project and new technology to the entrepreneurs, so that the visitors could understand the development process of the Qinghai Nord project from zero to one. The Qinghai Nord Project uses the industry 4.0 standard to realize intelligent integration of information collection technology, automation control technology, production operation management, etc., and establishes an unmanned handling system and an automatic storage system to realize automated logistics. The guests were praised repeatedly during the visit. After the visit, they took the initiative to ask for a group photo.

As the leader in the field of lithium copper foil, NORD has been committed to become the world leader in lithium foil. The summit was hosted by the Xining Municipal People’s Government, and the NORD shares were exclusively co-organized and deeply involved, showing the influence in the new energy lithium battery industry. The wide-ranging exchanges between new energy entrepreneurs and lithium battery industry experts from all over the country are of great significance for further promoting the transformation, upgrading and sustainable development of the new energy industry.

In the confrontation of hot topics in China’s new energy industry, the 2018 China New Energy Enterprise Summit ended successfully under the collision of innovative thinking and wisdom of the participating guests. Faced with the new economic situation and market challenges, China’s new energy and its upstream and downstream enterprises have embarked on the road of diversified and intelligent “innovation”, extending to the whole industry, the whole field, intelligent, digital and so on. China’s new energy companies will surely break through the new economic era and lead new achievements in their industries!

On the occasion of the transformation and driving of China’s economy, NORD shares co-organizes the 2018 New Energy Entrepreneur Summit to work with industry entrepreneurs and heavy experts to explore the fog of industry development, calibrate the future direction, and win-win cooperation. Mutual mutual help and work together to create a better future!