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Joint Copper Foil has passed LG Chemistry Audit! Another key step towards internationalization


In August 2018, Huizhou United Copper Foil Electronic Material Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as United Copper Foil) passed the LG Chemical Audit, which is another key step towards internationalization. United Copper Foil is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Nord Co., Ltd. It has always adhered to the business philosophy of “excellence, perfection” of Deutsche Co., Ltd. and is committed to becoming a global leader in lithium-ion copper foil and the long-term goal of building a big brand.
At the beginning of 2018, the first supplier audit of LG Chemistry was conducted for United Copper Foil. Korea LG Group is an international enterprise group leading the world industrial development. It has established more than 300 overseas offices in 171 countries and regions around the world, covering the fields of chemical energy, electronics, telecommunications and services. LG Chemistry is one of the four major core companies of LG Group in Korea. It has maintained the highest global leadership in the fields of new energy automotive power batteries and energy storage batteries, and occupied the world “commanding heights” of new energy automotive power batteries. LG Chemistry Audit is a very rare opportunity to unite copper foil. It is an important opportunity to internationalize, participate in international competition, enter high-end links and enhance strength scale.
Since its establishment in 1992, Unified Copper Foil has continuously increased its output while focusing on the pursuit of product quality. It has passed ISO 9001 Quality Assurance System Certification, ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Certification, GB/T28001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification, TS16949 Quality Management System Certification. The overall technology of the products has reached the leading domestic and international level. The main customers include domestic lithium power industry giants such as CATL, BYD and Tianjin Lishen. They are already the leading enterprises in the domestic copper foil industry and always stand in the first echelon of domestic lithium copper foil suppliers.

Production Process Management of LG Chemistry Preliminary Examination (Raw Foil Workshop)


The audit team of LG Group covers a wide range of areas in the initial audit process, which is careful and rigorous and orderly. After three days of comprehensive review, the preliminary review by LG Chemistry Audit Panel concluded that “United Copper Foil is a leading enterprise in China, which has done well for the domestic copper foil industry, but in the process of three days’audit, United Copper Foil has not concealed its shortcomings and is an open-minded attitude to accept and bear. And it is precious to have a thirsty and shameless spirit of inquiring about ways of rectification.
Joint copper foil people from top to bottom participated in the rectification, earnestly implement the concept of “Strictly grasp quality, innovation and progress” of Nord Stock Co., Ltd. to make every rectification solid and detailed, and timely feedback to LG Chemistry. Through continuous conscientious study, rectification, feedback, re-learning, re-rectification, re-feedback… so round and round, and strive for excellence. In August 2018, the LG audit team began its first review of the joint copper foil. At the preparatory meeting for the start of the review, the LG audit team gave such a comment: “Once again, I have come to the United Copper Foil, I have felt a new look, feel that your rectification is serious, you must have done a lot of work for the rectification.”


LG Chemical Review Quality System Management, Copper Foil Physical Performance Test, Intelligent Factory System Import, Production Process Management
After five days of comprehensive review, the United Copper Foil passed the LG Chemistry review once and for all. It was confirmed that the equipment of the Smart Factory was superior to the advanced level of the peers, and the 5S management was comparatively in place. This comprehensive review passed the approval, and then the small batch sample delivery test was carried out. This is an uncommon one-time review in LG Chemistry Client Audit, which passes the small batch sample delivery test. This is the pride of the United Copper Foil Man. The review passed once, which proved that the quality management level and product quality of United Copper Foil have reached a new level, and the efforts made by United Copper Foil People in quality management have been fully affirmed and rewarded.
Innovation drives the future, and ingenuity creates quality! Joint copper foil through LG chemical review, a key first step towards internationalization, this is a satisfactory result, but also a good start.
Node knows that to go international, craftsmanship is a foundation, quality system management is the key, and creating products with international competitiveness is the prerequisite. In recent years, Huizhou United Copper Foil has continuously introduced high-tech talents, upgraded production equipment, innovated production process, and adhered to the road of innovation-driven development. Only innovation can make oneself strong, and the strong is the passport to the world. United Copper Foil People will strive to become the world leader of Lithium Electricity Copper Foil. They will never forget their initiative and forge ahead. They will achieve great brands with the spirit of a big country and show the confidence of national culture and the strength of Chinese brands to the world.