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In 2018, China’s Lithium and Electricity New Energy Industry Golden Triangle Award List is unveiled! Nord shares won two awards



From December 5 to 7, the 2018 APEC Annual Conference on Starting Point of New Energy and the 4th Starting Point Golden Ding Award Award Presentation Ceremony co-sponsored by Starting Point Research, Starting Point of Lithium and Television University Data, Starting Point Electric Network and China New Energy Entrepreneurs Club (SNEC) was held in Shenzhen.



The Golden Ding Award has been held for three consecutive years as a well-known and influential industry award in China’s lithium and electricity new energy industry. The annual meeting officially unveiled the important awards in the major subdivisions of China’s new energy industry in 2018. Nord (600110.SH) won the “Leading Brand of China’s Lithium Battery Materials in 2018” by virtue of its outstanding achievements in the field of lithium, electricity and copper foil and good market influence. And two heavyweight awards of “Best Listed Company of China Lithium Battery in the Year 2018”. As the leader of lithium copper foil industry and the business card of advanced manufacturing of new energy materials in China, Nord shares have been highly praised by industry experts and customers. The two awards are glorious and well-deserved.


The picture shows that Nord shares, Ningde Times and Kodali have jointly won the “Best Listed Company of China Lithium Battery in the Year 2018”.

The picture shows Professor Guo Chuntai (right), father of polymer lithium ion batteries in China and chairman of Jetway Power Company, awarding “Leading Brand of Lithium Battery Materials in China 2018” for Nord Stock.

At the same time, the elite of 1000 + new energy automobile industry chain from new energy automobile enterprises, lithium batteries, lithium electrical materials, equipment and core components gathered at the annual meeting to seek the development of new energy industry. Chen Lizhi, chairman of China New Energy Entrepreneurs Club and chairman of Nord Stock Company, was invited to attend the event and delivered a speech at the opening ceremony.

The picture shows Chen Lizhi, chairman of Nord Stock Company.

Chen Lizhi said that energy is an important support of modern economy and the driving force of economic development. Energy strategy is an important part of national strategic development. New energy industry has the advantages of high cleanliness, large potential market and strong driving capacity. New energy industry is a strategic industry related to energy security, economic security, ecological security and so on. It is also a new industry with great market potential, good economic benefits and high growth.
The rapid development of the new energy automobile industry has also brought Nord shares to a higher level. In his speech, Chen Lizhi said, “As a participant in the new energy lithium power industry, the past two years have been a critical year for Nord to rapidly expand its capacity and enhance product quality. In order to meet the needs of core customers, the company plans to accelerate capacity expansion in the next three years.
Under the guidance of the medium and long-term development of China’s automobile industry in 2025, China’s new energy automobile industry strategy is becoming more and more perfect, and efforts are being made to cultivate the environment of the new energy automobile industry. In the rapid growth of the industry, many excellent enterprises have emerged. In addition to Nord shares, the annual meeting also revealed more than ten major awards, such as “Best Technological Innovation Enterprise of Lithium Battery in China in 2018”, “Person of the Year of Lithium Battery Industry in China in 2018”, “Top Ten Brands of Lithium Battery in China in 2018”, “Top Ten Brands of Lithium Battery Equipment in China in 2018”, and so on. Ningde Times, BYD, Jetway Power and other companies are on the list.